About Us

About Us

BirthRight Foundation

BirthRight Foundation Africa (BRFA), Mr Dimeji Mivic is a Nigerian philanthropist and Real Estate Developer

BirthRight Foundation was founded in 2016 with several communities outreach but officially registered in 2021

As Founder-President of BirthRight Foundation Africa (BRFA) believes that poverty, cultural practices with poor and inadequate primary healthcare services influences women in Nigeria to settle for untrained traditional birth attendants, despite the serious risks involved.

According to the World Health Organisation’s figures for 2020 on maternal mortality, 814 women die per 100,000 live births in Nigeria. That figure includes women who die during or within 42 days of giving birth.

Most Nigerians believe no woman should give birth by Caesarean section or clearly majority cannot afford it due to their low incomes. Which makes most Nigerians in low income area settle for makeshift clinic and traditional homes where charges is no more than 20,000 naira to deliver a child.

Despite the dangers that surround traditional births, some women prefer them to going to local medical facilities.

Some say they trust traditional attendants to help them give birth without complications. For others, traditional birth attendants are simply the most affordable option. While some antenatal services are free in Nigeria, women have to pay to give birth at a medical centre.

BirthRight Foundation Africa is committed to sensitising and educating women on Caesarean section with further consultations with medical professionals and also provide funds for Caesarean sections.

Every mother and newborn deserves to live!


Our Mission

We are committed to educating and the reorientation of women in Nigeria and Africa through community-based health programs and initiatives in order to achieve reduction of mortality rate and as well bringing awareness to other safe birthing methods.

Our Vision

To prevent maternal and newborn mortality. Contribute to building a Nigeria and Africa by extension, where all women have access to affordable quality health care.

Our Values

Community well-being
Service to Humanity

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